Tim Winton’s Breath (a Lit Up fave) To Be Adapted By Simon Baker

Gorgeous Aussie actor Simon Baker will make his directorial debut with the adaption of Tim Winton’s surfing novel Breath about two teenage surfers who get entangled in the life of an aging surfer and his alluring wife.

I read this book after sneaking into the Bellagio Hotel pool in Las Vegas (the bachelorette party weekend budget did not stretch this far) and despite being surrounded by fake fountains, mountains of fluffy white towels and Greek revival columns, nothing could distract me from this seedy and haunting story. Not even recalling the previous night’s entertainment in the form of The Thunder From Down Under, could take my mind off Breath. The book made me feel a bit sick, but I could not put it down. So, you’ve been warned.

I do recommend diving in before the film version comes out because Tim Winton is the master of Australian vernacular and his the salt-crusted surfers will stick with you to say the least.


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Buy Breath on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or at your local independent book store.

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