Episode 28: Garth Risk Hallberg on How New York Inspired Him to Write City on Fire

Rarely does a book make as big of a splash in the literary world as Garth Risk Hallberg‘s sweeping novel City on Fire. Vogue and New York Mag both recently featured profiles on Garth, and every single media outlet has something to say about this exciting tome. Now you can hear from the man himself! We got the inside scoop on Garth’s ten year journey from inception to completion, including how Patti Smith and Billy Joel inspired the story.

Emily and I had so much fun talking with Garth and we hope you enjoy this conversation. With all the buzz surrounding this book, it’s important to go to the source, and then read the novel for yourself. Get ready to be immersed in gritty, chaotic (and elegant) 1970s New York!

xxxooo Angie

Hallberg Author Photo_Credit Mark Vessey CITY ON FIRE_Jacket


Buy City on Fire at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or at your local independent bookstore.

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