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  • That time #AnnaKendrick came to NYC at 12 with with her 14 year-old brother (sans parents) so she could audition for High Society, (for which she would later be nominated for a Tony)... they had $40 and had to stay at a sketchy hotel for 3 nights because she kept getting call backs...A taste of what's to come on the pod with witty @annakendrick47 ❤️💥❤️💥#scrappylittlenobody #annakendrick #memoir #funconvos #greatwoman #equality #womenwholift @barnesandnoble @simonandschuster thank you for the video @rracusen 🙌
  • Congrats @alexgilvarry on the release of your sexy & brilliant book EASTMAN WAS HERE. Delightful @alexandrakleeman does the cake-cutting honors...💖🔥📘#eastmanwashere #podguest #bestbooks #shelfie #novel #greatamericannovel @mcnallyjackson
  • Dreams do come true 🚨🚨🚨This Saturday 1PM @barnesandnoble Union Square @annakendrick47 and I will chat about her charming, funny and insightful memoir SCRAPPY LITTLE NOBODY @touchstonebooks 💥🙌📕❤️... after this week of diabolical news and happenings this will be a welcome reprieve. Come listen to Anna - a smart and brilliant lady - talk about how she sees the world. #annakendrick #scrappylittlenobody #memoir #greatwomen #hope #womenwholift

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