Welcome to Lit Up!

I am proud and excited to share the launch of Angela Ledgerwood and Emily Gould’s podcast, Lit Up!  This isn’t a talk show about process or literary theory- it’s a show for people who love to read everything from The Goldfinch to Ulysses to Bridget Jones’s Diary.  Inspired by the conversations we all have when talking with friends about books, Angie & Emily explore how what we read reflects how we live.

Angie and Emily go beyond the book and ask their favorite authors what they’re reading, what inspires them, and what did they do last night. I know you’ll enjoy listening in on their world.

We are so lucky to have Megan Daum, Nell Zink, Jon Ronson, Hanya Yanagihara, Catherine Lacey, Elisa Albert and many other writers we love on the show already.  Be on the lookout for their episodes and please subscribe to our feed on iTunes!

Xx Britton

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  • Sherri

    Will this podcast be available on google play any time soon? (fingers crossed for yes)

    • Britton Schey

      Hi Sherri- yes it will! We are working on it and will make sure we let you and the Lit Up community when it’s up.

  • Sherri

    Nevermind…I can listen on Soundcloud. Thanks – can’t wait!