Episode 18: Hallie Cantor & Maeve Higgins on Writing Comic Gold

Funny girls, Hallie Cantor and Maeve Higgins, join me to talk about mining their humiliations for material, being vulnerable in front of an audience, developing their jokes on Twitter, and so much more.

Hallie wrote on the sensational 3rd season of Inside Amy Schumer and writes humor pieces for The New Yorker online. Her most recent piece Everything I’m Afraid Might Happen If I Ask New Acquaintances To Get Coffee, prompted me to put myself out there and ask her to have coffee and luckily for us, she said yes!

To add some comedic smarts to the mix, I asked the brilliant Maeve Higgins to be my co-host, who is also the author of We Have a Good Time Don’t We?.

In the episode Hallie talks about rereading Mary Karr’s memoir Lit and Maeve has just finished Single, Carefree, Mellow: Stories by Katherine Heiny.

We really hope you enjoy this episode as much as we did. Do let us know on Twitter @litupshow and follow these two amazing women @halliecantor & @maevehiggins.


Hallie Cantor is comedian and writer. She wrote on the 3rd season of Inside Amy Schumer, and she writes humor pieces for The New Yorker online. Check out all her New Yorker pieces here. She also write for College Humor.


Maeve Higgins is a comedian. She recently appeared on the 3rd season of Inside Amy Schumer. She is the author of a book of essays; We Have a Good Time Don’t We?, and a new book that will be published in Ireland in September. She also host the show I’m New Here: Can you Show Me Around with Jon Ronson. Maeve is a TV star in Ireland too…


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