One Summer Book That Looks Like a Tall Glass of Water

BLOG POST -images The Rocks

The Rocks by Peter Nichols

Don’t be fooled by this breezy cover, the idyllic Mediterranean setting and the brooding sexiness of the glitzy and sexy crowd—this book is way more than light reading fodder.

To prove it we can start with the opening scene, so catastrophic that we are propelled back in time to make sense of it.  The book’s main characters Lulu and Gerald, ex-spouses now in their 80s have barely uttered a word to each other over the last sixty years so why are they together now, hurtling off a cliff to their untimely death?

I was lucky enough to sit next to Peter Nichols at a lovely lunch in his honor. He talked about his childhood growing up on the island of Mallorca where the novel is set and about his own experience of marriage. He wistfully reflected on his own inescapable tug for home and the often-futile search for that anchored, feeling of belonging, in romantic love.

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