Our First Live! Episode at the Soho House with Bill Clegg

This week’s show is our first live recording from the Soho House in New York! I was so excited to kick off the Lit Up Literary Salon with NY-based writer and renowned literary agent, Bill Clegg. His novel Did You Ever Have a Family is a heartbreaking book for sure, but does a masterful job of showing the resilience of the human spirit. It begins with a catastrophic tragedy that obliterates four people on the eve of a wedding, leaving the inhabitants of a small Connecticut town reeling. As readers, we are taken on a journey through the characters eyes and hearts, which ultimately shows hope after an unfathomable devastation. It’s no surprise that the book was nominated for both the Man Booker Prize and The National Book Award.

While I love the intimateness we get when it’s just a couple of us in a room recording, the energy of a live audience and their questions was a really special experience, which I think you’ll hear in this episode.  I’m currently scheduling our next live episode, also at Soho House, for January. If you’re a member, we’d love to see you there, but we do plan on doing more live conversations in the future!  If there is anyone YOU’D like to hear from, tweet me at @litupshow with suggestions or leave a note in the comments below!

XO Angie


Buy Did You Ever Have a Family on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or at your local independent bookstore here. Bill is also the author of two captivating memoirs; 90 Days and Portrait of an Addict as a Young Man.


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