Episode 39: Helen Ellis – Writer, Poker Player and Housewife Extraordinaire

This week’s conversation with writer, professional poker player and all-round Southern belle, Helen Ellis, author of the sardonic, brilliant and sharp-witted collection of stories American Housewife, may have you longing for a mint julep, or perhaps, more importantly, an expert bra fitter of your own – in my case it was both (and the plight of my bosoms will never be the same).

As you will hear, Helen’s life is as eclectic as her intriguing stories that feature manic reality TV thrifting shows, murderous Manhattanites, chardonnay-swilling bookclubbers, and so much more.

Check out this great piece in The New York TimesThe Real Housewife of New York (Who Happens to Be a Poker Star) by fellow author J. Courtney Sullivan.


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You can buy American Housewife at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or at your local independent book store. Helen is also the author of Eating the Cheshire Cat.

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