Episode 57: Jessica Valenti on How Sexism & Misogyny Negatively Shapes Womens’ Lives

Jessica Valenti has been fighting against misogyny and sexism, bravely paving the way for women online ever since she founded Feministing.com. In her memoir Sex Object, out today, she reveals how decades of harassment has shaped who she is today. In this week’s episode she talks about growing up in NYC, dealing with internet trolls, date rape, and why it is important to acknowledge that sexism is still negatively shaping the contemporary female experience.

We both hope this conversation sparks many more as you’re inspired to share your stories. Please let us know what issues resonate with you most. We are on twitter and Instagram @litupshow and you can find Jessica @JessicaValenti on both too. Also be sure to read Jessica’s New York Times piece, What Does a Lifetime of Leers Do to Us? here.

xox Angie

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Buy Sex Object on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or at your local independent bookstore.

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