Episode 78: Megan Abbott & Marcy Dermansky on the Female Psyche, Hinge Moments, and Breaking Free


Two of my favorite writers, Marcy Dermansky and Megan Abbott, bring their grace and infectious energy the pod this week. It was such a treat to witness them engaging over each other’s work. We recorded live from Soho House in New York and I hope you can pick up the audience’s laughter and rapt attention (even though the latter has no discernible sound). Both novels revolve around longings, awakenings, and explore the complexity of the female psyche–both are damn compelling reads.

In The Red Car, when Leah’s former boss and mentor Judy dies leaving Leah her most prized possession, a flashy red sports car, Leah is forced on an adventure to re-evaluate her whole life. In Megan’s novel You Will Know Me we’re introduced to the Knox’s, a family whose lives revolve around the Olympic hopes of their gymnast prodigy daughter, Devon.

I do hope you enjoy this show.




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Buy The Red Car here and buy You Will Know Me here, or better yet, pick them up at your local independent book store.

Marcy is the author of the novels THE RED CAR, Bad Marie and Twins. Megan Abbott is the author of eight novels including YOU WILL KNOW ME, The Fever and Dare Me. She received her PHD in English and American literature from New York University.