Episode 85: Lucinda Rosenfeld on the Liberal Bubble, Education, and Class

Hello 2017! We are back with an exciting lineup for the year that will hopefully inspire, challenge, and provoke.


This week Lucinda Rosenfeld talks about her most recent novel “Class.” The novel is as provocative as the title suggests. It’s also laugh-out-loud funny and one hell of a gripping read. Lucinda’s portrait of Karen Kipple, a mother grappling with how to live by her liberal ideals, is as relatable as it is confronting. While skewering the liberal bubble (so talked about in the politics of late), the novel also raises important questions about education, equality, and race. Some of the topics raised made me uncomfortable, and the book will do the same, but my hope is that having these frank conversations raises awareness and prompts us to acknowledge our own hypocrisies.

Lucinda wrote a beautiful essay in The New Yorker in 2014 that I reference in the show. It’s called The Battle Hymn of the Papier-Mache Mother.

Hope you enjoy this episode. Let us know @litupshow on Instagram & Twitter.

xo Angie

You can buy CLASS here.

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