Episode 87: Rachel Hulin on her Instagram novel “Hey Harry, Hey Matilda”


This week’s episode with writer and photographer Rachel Hulin is the perfect antidote to these politically uncertain times–sometimes you simply need to sit down with a smart and lovely person and have a conversation that snaps you into the moment and leads to unexpected places.

As well as talking about Rachel’s witty and refreshing novel, Hey Harry, Hey Matilda, (about two, very funny, codependent twins searching for comfort and belonging), we also chat about hormone horoscopes, how her book grew out of a blog and into the first Instagram novel, and so much more. Rachel was a photo editor at Rolling Stone and one of her recent pieces for Salon, My year with Amy Winehouse: What I learned watching her through paparazzi lenses, draws on that time.

I hope you enjoy this conversation.

xoxo Angie

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Buy Hey Harry, Hey Matilda here.

Rachel Hulin is a photographer and writer. Her photographs have been shown at Jen Bekman Gallery, The Bronx Museum of the Arts, Wallspace Gallery, The New York Photo Festival, and ClampArt Gallery, where she is represented.

She’s worked as a photo editor at Rolling Stone, Radar Magazine, and Nerve.com. Her personal essays and art writing have appeared in Salon, The Daily Beast, The Photography Post, which she co-founded.

Her editorial photographs have appeared include The New York Times and The New Republic.  In 2013 she released a children’s book Flying Henry with an accompanying photo exhibit.

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