Episode 102: Jo Piazza on How to be Married

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In Jo Piazza’s new book “How to be Married” she travels the globe in search of answers because she’s been married a year and seems to be getting it (just a little bit) wrong. So why not ask people who’ve been married for decades, and living in different cultures, for their advice and relationship philosophies? Who does she ask? Polygamous warrior women in Kenya, classy French ladies (who advised her to act like their husband’s mistress), Chilean dancers, Orthodox Jewish women in Jerusalem, and more. Jo is one of the most radiant and special people I’ve had on the pod and I know you;ll be able to hear in this episode. #dreamguest!

xox Angie


Buy How to be Married HERE.

Jo Piazza is an award-winning journalist, editor, digital content strategist and author. Her latest book, How to be Married will be released by Penguin Random House in April 2017. Her novel, The Knockoff, became an instant international bestseller in May 2015 and has been translated into 13 languages.

She has written and reported for The Wall Street Journal, The New York Daily News, the New York Times, New YorkGlamour, CNN, Elle, Marie Claire and Slate. Jo regularly appears as a commentator on NPR, CNN, Fox News and MSNBC. Her nonfiction book about progressive American nuns, If Nuns Ruled the World, was released to critical acclaim in September of 2014. The New York Times columnist Nick Kristof wrote about it in the Sunday Times: “In an age of villainy, war and inequality, it makes sense that we need superheroes. And after trying Superman, Batman and Spider-Man, we may have found the best superheroes yet: Nuns.” She is also the author of the highly acclaimed Celebrity Inc.: How Famous People Make Money, an economic case study of the Hollywood Industrial Complex and the novel Love Rehab.

Jo holds an undergraduate degree in economics from the University of Pennsylvania, a Masters in Journalism from Columbia University and a Masters in Religious Studies from New York University. She lives in San Francisco with her giant dog and her husband.

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