Alex Gilvarry on those all-consuming post-breakup runaway thoughts and channeling the voice of Norman Mailer

Listen to Alex Gilvarry on the pod here.

It’s Alex’s second time on the pod and what a treat it was to have him on the show again, this time to talk about his second novel East man Was Here. Here’s what I wrote about it in Esquire:

“Happiness is a warm phallus. I’ve always thought so,” declares Gilvarry’s protagonist, Allan Eastman, at a cocktail reception in Ho Chi Minh City in 1973. Let this inappropriate, egotistical, (very funny) hyperbole be an indication of what’s in store in this satirical novel about the type of macho public intellectual, journalist, and cultural critic that one hopes is a relic of the past. Thankfully, Eastman meets his match in two fascinating women: his second wife Penny, who is leaving him because she claims Eastman has fallen out of love with her, and Anne Channing, a brave and principled war correspondent who challenges his misogynist views about women and women writers. Inspired by the early biography of Norman Mailer (before he stabbed his second wife), Eastman Was Here is the book Mailer might have written had he taken an assignment for the International Herald during the wind down of the U.S. involvement in Vietnam.

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