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Cartoonist & Graphic Novelist Marisa Marchetto

PEN DIY: MARISA MARCHETTO ON HOW TO USE DEATH AS YOUR LIFE COAC Published on September 15, 2015 In her presentation for the PEN DIY, “How to Use Death as Your Life Coach,” graphic novelist and The New Yorker cartoonist Marisa Marchetto discusses how coming face to face with […]

Trevor Noah Reveals All

Trevor Noah Reveals All

Trevor Noah on Born a Crime Wednesday Nov. 16 @ NeueHouse As host of The Daily Show, Trevor Noah is one of the world’s brightest voices, and provides viewers in America and around the globe with their nightly dose of biting satire. With his new […]



For those of us who ever dreamed of living in New York City, Jay McInerney’s cult sensation “Bright Lights, Big City” fueled and formed our impressions of the city. Particularly the possibility of bumping into our literary heroes and partying with them until the wee hours of the morning. Jay’s latest novel BRIGHT, PRECIOUS DAYS is […]

Episode 64: Nicole Dennis-Benn and BuzzFeed’s Annie Daly on the Real Jamaica

Episode 64: Nicole Dennis-Benn and BuzzFeed’s Annie Daly on the Real Jamaica

Our guests this week are novelist Nicole Dennis-Benn and BuzzFeed Travel Editor Annie Daly. Together, we talk about Nicole’s debut novel “Here Comes the Sun,” a riveting look at the Jamaica beyond the pristine beaches and resorts that cater to foreigners. The novel closely examines […]

Episode 63: Stephanie Danler on coming of age in NYC, food culture, and lessons learned

Episode 63: Stephanie Danler on coming of age in NYC, food culture, and lessons learned

Not since Anthony Bourdain’s “Kitchen Confidential” and Gabrielle Hamilton’s “Blood, Bones and Butter” has there been a more hotly anticipated book set in the restaurant world than Stephanie Danler‘s debut novel, “Sweetbitter.” And, boy, does it deliver. The story swirls and crashes around its central […]

Episode 56: Revisiting the Wisdom of Lidia Yuknavitch

Episode 56: Revisiting the Wisdom of Lidia Yuknavitch

I hope everyone had a lovely long weekend. This week we revisit one of our most loved episodes of last year with the incomparable Lidia Yuknavitch. Since the episode aired, we’ve had so much positive feedback, so if you missed it then, I suggest taking a […]

Episode 55: Geoff Dyer on the Lure of Travel, Art & the Power of Place

Episode 55: Geoff Dyer on the Lure of Travel, Art & the Power of Place

I’ve read Geoff Dyer‘s work for years, so getting to talk to him in person about his work this week was an honor and a treat. One thing I didn’t expect when I started reading his most recent book–a series of fiction and non fiction […]

Episode 53: Kate Tempest on Evolving through Form

Episode 53: Kate Tempest on Evolving through Form

This week our guest is the British poet, playwright, and spoken-word performer Kate Tempest. She’s a force to be reckoned with — her talents are so plentiful and her intellect so sharp, that I’m sure you’ll be hanging on her every word, just like I […]

Episode 52: Molly Prentiss on Artistic Ambition & New York Stories

Episode 52: Molly Prentiss on Artistic Ambition & New York Stories

This week Molly Prentiss and I talk about her buzz-worthy debut novel “Tuesday Nights in 1980.” This book is the ultimate absorbing read. Prepare to be swiftly transported to the downtown art scene of New York, packed with renegade artists, ambitious critics, and opportunistic curators […]

Episode 45: Alec Ross on Innovation, Cyber Weaponry, and Robots!

Get ready for a conversation that will get you thinking (or in my case, freaking out) about the future. Globalization and the Internet have had a world-changing impact on markets and businesses over the last two decades. The question now is: What comes next? This […]

Episode 37: ‘Spotlight’ Screenwriter Josh Singer & Journalist Megan Twohey on the Complexity of Truth

This week we have two exceptional guests to kick off 2016. Josh Singer, the co-screenwriter (with director Tom McCarthy) of the award-winning film “Spotlight“, based on The Boston Globe’s 2003 Pulitzer Prize-winning coverage of sexual abuse in the Catholic Church; and Reuters investigative journalist Megan Twohey, a 2014 Pulitzer-prize finalist for […]

Episode 35: Stacy Schiff Unpacks the Hysteria of the Salem Witch Trials

This week’s guest is the formidable Stacy Schiff. She’s the author of Véra (Mrs. Vladimir Nabokov) for which she won the Pulitzer Prize; Saint-Exupéry, a Pulitzer Prize finalist; and A Great Improvisation: Franklin, France, and the Birth of America, and Cleopatra: A Life. Her latest book, The Witches: […]

Episode 33: Molly Crabapple on The Paris Attacks, Refugees, Her Art and witness journalism

This week I’m joined by artist, writer and activist Molly Crabapple to talk about her memoir Drawing Blood. It’s as visceral as the title suggests—there is so little separating her wild heart from the page, that her words (and illustrations), bursting with passion, will ignite […]

Our First Live! Episode at the Soho House with Bill Clegg

This week’s show is our first live recording from the Soho House in New York! I was so excited to kick off the Lit Up Literary Salon with NY-based writer and renowned literary agent, Bill Clegg. His novel Did You Ever Have a Family is a heartbreaking book for sure, […]

Angie chats with Artist José Parlá for Interview Magazine

Last week I was lucky enough to speak with artist José Parlá in his studio for Interview Magazine. I highly suggest checking out his exhibit “Surface Body/Action Space,” on show now at Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery in collaboration with Mary Boone Gallery in Chelsea, New York. Here’s the piece […]

Episode 23: The Wit & Wisdom of Margo Jefferson

Our guest this week is the Pulitzer Prize-winning cultural critic Margo Jefferson author (most recently) of her controversial and revealing memoir, Negroland. The touching and piercing book speaks to her experience of growing up in the black elite of Chicago in the 60s and 70s. […]

Come Play With Us At The Electric Literature Genre Ball

Need an excuse to get dressed up as your favorite literary character? On Friday October 23rd, you can party like Gatsby, Anna Karenina, Wonder Woman or Howard Roak (if you really want to) at Electric Literature’s Inaugural Genre Ball at The Ace Hotel. The hosts […]

Obsessed with the supermoon?

If you gazed at the moon last night you’ll know how special and beautiful it was. I couldn’t sleep and there was so much energy swirling around if you wanted to notice it. This morning I found this really gorgeous and fun website called Mystic […]

Episode 15: Lidia Yuknavitch on the Necessity of Art, Sex and Love

Lidia Yuknavitch was one of the most warm and open guests we’ve had on the podcast and spoke with me about everything from the expansive nature of sex, to potential ways through trauma, to much more. Most recently, she is the author of the fierce and explosive novel, The […]

New Pioneer Works Bookstore in Red Hook & The Perfect Sunday

When artist Dustin Yellin was inspired to turn an abandoned iron works building in Red Hook, Brooklyn, into the progressive interdisciplinary art space Pioneer Works in 2011, I’m not sure he could have foreseen how much it was going to enhance the art landscape in […]

Episode 12: Morning Cocktails with Jess Walter & Emma Straub

Welcome to our powerhouse episode with Jess Walter and Emma Straub! We sipped on Bloody Marys and chatted about every topic under the sun from the Rachel Dolezal controversy, Emma’s imaginary morning workout regime, the memoir-ization of fiction, what “summer reads” mean to each of […]

Lit Up Episode 11: Jami Attenberg on being an ‘open source writer’ and her worst fear

It’s the season of summer reading lists! We gave you some of our favs last week, but decided to take it inward this episode with our own ‘books that make us better’ list. Angie went to her yoga teacher Aaron Dias for some recommendations to take away with […]

Would You Get a Tattoo for Human Rights?

When Amy Novogratz (former director of the TED Prize) invited me to her downtown NY apartment to get a tattoo, I knew there had to be more to the story. And of course there was. She was hosting an event for Dutch artist Sander van […]

Alexander Chee & The Ace Hotel’s Antidote to #BEA15

This week the New York book world gets nutty. Book Expo America–BEA as it’s commonly known–brings thousands of publishers, agents, editors, booksellers, writers and readers to The Javits Center. It’s a place that can otherwise inspire nightmares (if a conference hall the size of a […]

New Art Book: Parisians’ Private Moments

  Photographer Gail Albert-Halaban likes to look into people’s windows. But not in a creepy way. In fact, when she started her Out My Window project she had no idea how much it would change her life and enrich the lives of those involved. In […]

Finding Fearless Egyptian Feminist Mona Eltahawy

This week I made a huge discovery. Her name is Mona Eltahawy. She is a brave visionary and I am so thankful she exists. I am embarrassed to admit that I didn’t know too much about Eltahawy, a truly inspiring feminist, until I saw her […]

Honoring ANZAC Day with some great Aussie authors and ANZAC Biscuits

Every good Aussie knows that April 25th, otherwise known as ANZAC Day, is sacred. It commemorates the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps veterans lost in all wars. Originally, the day honored the ANZAC’s who fought as part of the Allied Forces along the Gallipoli […]

Episode 3: Heidi Julavits on Archiving Life

  This week was all about the undeniable force that is Heidi Julavits. We were lucky enough to catch her in conversation with her husband and fellow writer, Ben Marcus, at The powerHouse Arena in Dumbo. It’s always fun to get an eye into other people’s […]

‘Telex from Cuba’ Inspired Book Club Recipes

Last week I hosted my book club (the first gathering of pals in my new apartment) and despite the lack of chairs, knives and exotic appetizers, I think the evening ending up being a blast. We read Rachel Kushner’s Telex from Cuba (a unanimous good read) […]

Episode 2: Hanya Yanagihara on Adulthood and Its Many Variations

Episode 2: Hanya Yanagihara on Adulthood and Its Many Variations

  What a week. After many, many months of (admittedly very fun) preparation, Lit Up is here. Thank you for listening and for helping launch our pod into the world. With your help we made it onto the iTunes New & Noteworthy list, hurrah! We […]

Podcast inspirations: Six of Emily and Angie’s latest faves

To be totally honest, I had not been a huge podcast connoisseur before about a year ago. My lifestyle didn’t seem podcast-friendly; I don’t commute via car, and when I’m on the subway I’m usually — are you sitting down? this is a shocker! — reading […]

How Do You Read in Public?

  For over a decade the Dutch artist Reinier Gerritsen has been finding inspiration in New York City subways, observing how people act in public spaces and snapping them in their most private moments. In his photo series ‘The Last Book’, recently on show at […]

Episode 1: Why We’re Here & Catherine Lacey on Big Decisions

  Our first tag line for Lit Up was “Getting Wasted on Words, ” which I believe we rightly scrapped because it felt too frat boy, not enough rosé on a sunny Sunday afternoon with friends. For me, reading has always been one of the best […]

Emily’s Must-Read Books of 2015

2015 is shaping up to be a good year for people who depend on books as much as I do for diversion and emotional sustenance. Here are some forthcoming books (first seen in Paper Magazine) that I’ve been #blessed enough to get a peek at […]

Maira Kalman’s ‘My Favorite Things’ is Our Favorite Thing

Maira Kalman‘s gorgeous images bursting with whimsy and fun never disappoint.  My Favorite Things features beloved objects pulled from Kalman’s experiences and range from the quotidian to the extraordinary. Click through to see lovely excerpts of her work. #eyecandy Buy the book on Amazon or Barnes & […]

Angie’s Book Picks That Will Change Your Life

Just Kids by Patti Smith In the mid-1960s Patti Smith was still a self-described country mouse—observant, somewhat shy and new to New York City. Around this time she met Robert Mapplethorpe by chance—she went to Brooklyn to visit friends only to find out that they’d […]

Welcome to Lit Up!

I am proud and excited to share the launch of Angela Ledgerwood and Emily Gould’s podcast, Lit Up!  This isn’t a talk show about process or literary theory- it’s a show for people who love to read everything from The Goldfinch to Ulysses to Bridget Jones’s Diary.  Inspired by the conversations we […]